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Struggling musician Gilby Moss craves an audience for his songs and a reason to keep writing them. Cullen Cordial, ruler of Cocoa Kingdom, is seeking to upturn his down-streaking approval rating. The two cross paths when Gilby gains a spot in Cordial’s new boy band/special missions task force, the Chocolateers. After saving Cocoa Kingdom’s baker laureate from the throes of Cordial’s rival, Baron von Vanilla, the Chocolateers are the toast of the town until a fast food manager from Gilby’s past plunges everything crashing down! Morsel 1 in a 3-bite comedy snack attack!


Upon receipt of your email address we will send you a WeTransfer link to the digital download of a high-quality PDF of the full Chocolateers graphic novel. 

Chocolateers (PDF)

  • 98 pages 

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