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Game Shows, Boy Bands, Fast Food,
and Betrayal—Now With Chocolate!


At this time, best friends and budding "scienchefs" Muffin and
Folly continue posting video upon video to their "Cake Shakers" streaming
channel. Struggling with a humiliatingly low subscriber base, they aspire to a
career like that of Cocoa Kingdom's beloved baker laureate, scienchef Bogo Blygo.

Musician/dollar store clerk Gilby Moss longs to have
his music reach a wide audience, but that will require
him to face down past failures and hightail it out of his
humdrum comfort zone posthaste. Meanwhile, miles
away in Cocoa Kingdom, its ruler—former prank show
TV host Cullen Cordial—seeks to U-turn his plunging
approval rating by forming the Chocolateers, a boy band/special ops task force trained in singing, dancing,
and the deadly arts. With help from his friend and
bandmate Wilko, Gilby snags a spot in the budding group,
reasoning that such a well-funded ensemble could
fast-track his songs to the big leagues.

Press Kit

Thank you for your interest in CHOCOLATEERS!
Here you can find resources that will help you share
this fun, comedic graphic novel with your readers/viewers/listeners. For more info and
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“A funny and well-told story in an amazingly cool, hyper-detailed
world that also made me hungry in several different ways!”

Bill Oakley, writer/showrunner, The Simpsons

After rescuing Bogo from a kidnapping devised by ruthless Baron von Vanilla, the Chocolateers are suddenly the toasts of the town. The boy band swiftly climbs the pop charts and nestle themselves snugly in teenage hearts all across the land. But at the height of the group's popularity a vengeful fast food manager from Gilby's past seeks to expose a shocking secret harbored by King Cordial; a startling truth that threatens to bring the Chocolateers—and the dreams of Gilby, Muffin, Wilko, and Folly—crashing down.



Frank Valenti has been a stand-up comedian, a rock band’s roadie, and a terrible door-to-door knife salesman. In his free time Valenti loves playing board games with his wife and son, as well as hunting down regional snack cakes and chocolate milks. 

Chocolateers is Valenti’s first graphic novel.


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